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2 <br /> NORTH CAROLINA RESiiiiiM 007 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> REFUND/RELEASE RESOLUTION (Approval) <br /> Whereas , North Carolina General Statutes 1051,,n381 and/or 330 . 2 (b) allows for the refund and/or <br /> release of taxes when the Board of County Commissioners determines that a taxpayer applying for the <br /> release/refund has a valid defense to the tax imposed ; and <br /> Whereas , the properties listed in each of the attached "Request for Property Tax Refund/Release" <br /> has been taxed and the tax has not been collected : and <br /> Whereas , as to each of the properties listed in the Request for Property Tax Refund/Release, the <br /> taxpayer has timely applied in writing for a refund or release of the tax imposed and has presented a valid <br /> defense to the tax imposed as indicated on the Request for Property Tax Refund/Release . <br /> NOW, THEREFORE , IT IS RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY <br /> COMMISSIONERS OF ORANGE COUNTY THAT the recommended property tax refund(s) and <br /> release (s) are approved . <br /> Upon motion duly made and seconded, the foregoing resolution was passed by the following votes : <br /> Ayes : Commissioners <br /> Noes . <br /> I, Donna Baker, Clerk to the Board of Commissioners for the County of Orange, North Carolina, <br /> DO HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing has been carefully copied from the recorded minutes of the <br /> Board of Commissioners for said County at a business meeting of said Board held on <br /> , said record having been made in the Minute Book of the minutes of said Board, <br /> and is a true copy of so much of said proceedings of said Board as relates in any way to the passage of the <br /> resolution described in said proceedings . <br /> -tau R <br /> WITNESS an to seal of said County, this day of <br /> pip <br /> 4a4400 <br /> ) 20 10 "t- �' l %) <br /> ( yl � M <br /> p 3 e . ,1 PgR <br /> Alp it <br /> Clerk o the oard of Commissioners <br /> aralit�� <br />