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4 <br /> BOCC REPORT - REGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLES <br /> FEBRUARY 4, 2020 <br /> ACCOUNT BILLING ORIGINAL ADJUSTED FINANCIAL <br /> NAME NUMBER YEAR VALUE VALUE IMPACT REASON FOR ADJUSTMENT ADDITIONAL EXPLANATION <br /> Harris, Mark Kemper 51329380 2019 19,080 19,080 (167.42) *Situs error (illegal tax) <br /> Sparrow, Kimberly 51094155 2019 18,830 0 (344.30) County changed to Chatham (illegal tax) <br /> (511.72) TOTAL <br /> Adjustment Descriptions <br /> Clerical error G.S. 105-381(a)(1)(a): e.g. when there is an actual error in mathematical calculation. <br /> Illegal tax G.S. 105-381(a)(1)(b): e.g. when the vehicle should have been billed in another county, an incorrect name was used, or an incorrect rate code was used. <br /> Tax levied for an illegal purpose G.S. 105-381(a)(1)(c): e.g. charging a tax that was later deemed to be impermissible under State law. <br /> Appraisal appeal G.S. 105-330.2(b): e.g. reduction in value due to excessive mileage or vehicle damage. <br /> *Situs error:An incorrect rate code was used to calculate bill. Value remains constant but bill amount changes due to the change in specific tax rates applied to that physical <br /> Classification GS 105-330-9 b e.g. Antique automobiles are designated a special class of property under the NC Constitution. <br /> The spreadsheet represents the financial impact that approval of the requested release or refund would have on the principal amount of taxes. <br /> Approval of the release or refund of the principal tax amount also constitutes approval of the release or <br /> refund of all associated interest, penalties, fees, and costs appurtenant to the released or refunded principal tax amount. <br /> January 2, 2020 thru January 14, 2020 <br />