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Proposed Meeting Plan <br /> Orange County Board of County Commissioners Retreat <br /> Location: Cedar Grove Community Center <br /> 5800 NC Hwy 86N, Hillsborough <br /> Friday, January 24, 2020 <br /> 9:00 AM —4:00 PM <br /> (Breakfast will be available at 8:30 am) <br /> At the table (12): Seven Orange County Commissioners, County Manager, Deputy County <br /> Manager, County Attorney, Open Seat for Staff, Facilitator <br /> Invited Resource Persons/Staff: All Department Heads <br /> Agenda <br /> 9 am Welcome & Introductions Maggie Chotas, Facilitator, Dispute Settlement Center <br /> Proposed Ground Rules - How do we want to work together today? <br /> • Begin and adjourn on time <br /> • One speaker at a time <br /> • Listen attentively <br /> • Focus on learning and inquiry <br /> • Step up/Step back <br /> • Share the time available for discussion <br /> • It is OK to disagree...please do so respectfully <br /> Review retreat goals & desired outcomes <br /> • Better definition of issues <br /> • Better appreciation of problems <br /> • Understanding for how systems thinking could be helpful to us <br /> • Identification of what we need to know more of and the new questions that are <br /> arising for us re: hunger <br /> Parking Lot <br /> 9:30 am Systems Thinking introduction & overview with a focus on hunger in Orange County <br /> Michael Goodman, Innovation Associates Organizational Learning <br /> Introduction to what we know about hunger in Orange County& an introduction to the current <br /> programs to address it <br /> Travis Myren, Deputy County Manager &Ashley Heger, Food Council Coordinator <br /> Exercises to explore systems thinking related to hunger Michael Goodman <br />