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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br /> Meeting Date: January 21, 2020 <br /> Action Agenda <br /> Item No. 8-g <br /> SUBJECT: Declaration of Surplus Property - Structure at 686 Erwin Road <br /> DEPARTMENT: Environment, Agriculture, Parks <br /> and Recreation (DEAPR) <br /> ATTACHMENT(S): INFORMATION CONTACT: <br /> 1. Location Map Christian Hirni, 245-2514 <br /> 2. New Hope Volunteer Fire Department David Stancil, 245-2510 <br /> Checklist Marabeth Carr, 245-2516 <br /> 3. New Hope Volunteer Fire Department <br /> Release <br /> PURPOSE: To declare an abandoned dilapidated structure located within Hollow Rock Nature <br /> Park as Orange County surplus, and to approve the removal of said structure by way of a live <br /> burn training conducted by New Hope Volunteer Fire Department (VFD). <br /> BACKGROUND: When a portion of the Hollow Rock Nature Park was acquired from Triangle <br /> Land Conservancy several years ago, the site included an old dilapidated cottage that has been <br /> uninhabited for about 15 years. The structure is in a state of disrepair and is not habitable, and <br /> was planned for deconstruction in the adopted park master plan and Capital Investment Plan. <br /> The structure has been evaluated by County staff from DEAPR, Asset Management and <br /> Housing, and has been determined that it cannot be retrofitted for occupancy at its current <br /> location nor is it fiscally or logistically viable to relocate. <br /> In discussions for park development with Durham County over the last few years, it was <br /> determined that deconstruction was the sole option for the structure, as it presents a risk to the <br /> County as both an "attractive nuisance" and a liability. Deconstruction would involve an expense <br /> to the County in the cost of labor and the cost of the residual debris removal. <br /> Recently, the possibility of offering the structure to the local New Hope Volunteer Fire <br /> Department for possible training purposes was discussed. The New Hope VFD Fire Chief is <br /> very receptive to the possibility of utilizing the property for live burn training, as there are very <br /> limited options within the County for such training. Documentation of the process needed to <br /> pursue this approach has been attached. However, the structure must be declared as surplus <br /> by the Board of Commissioners before this can be pursued. <br /> The live burn option would come at a substantially reduced cost to the County as the New Hope <br /> VFD will prepare the structure, conduct the asbestos mediation and removal of <br />