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1 <br /> Memorandum <br /> To: Orange County Board of Commissioners <br /> From: Orange County Manager, Bonnie Hammersley <br /> Orange County Chief Information Officer, Jim Northrup <br /> Date: January 21, 2020 <br /> Subject: Broadband Initiative Pilot Project Update with Attached Service Area Map <br /> This memorandum is to provide an update to the Orange County Board of Commissioners on the <br /> County's current Broadband Initiative pilot project with Open Broadband and provide a timeline of <br /> relevant events. <br /> The Broadband Initiative is a 3 year pilot project to expand broadband internet services in unserved <br /> and underserved areas of Orange County. $500,000 in funding was approved in June of 2017 and <br /> after a competitive bidding process, a contract with Open Broadband, LLC was approved by the <br /> Board in October 2018. <br /> In May of 2019, the first Orange County customer in an underserved area had broadband service <br /> delivered to their residence via this pilot project. <br /> $255,000 has been paid on the Open Broadband, LLC contract to date. Leaving $245,000 unspent on <br /> the currently underway contract. An additional $150,000 funding was approved in the Manager's <br /> FY20 Budget in order to expand beyond the current. Combining this $150,000 with remaining <br /> unspent funds on the initial contract would show $395,000 is currently unspent. <br /> As of the writing of this update, Open Broadband is serving high speed internet to 85 customers in <br /> Phase 1 (see Attachment 1 Service Area Map). Additionally, Open Broadband is continuing work in <br /> the Phase 1 area on a weekly and often a daily basis doing customer installs and fine tuning <br /> equipment. <br /> Open Broadband has equipment on two County communications towers. One is located on <br /> Meadowlands Drive in Hillsborough and the other on Hawkins Road in Cedar Grove Township. <br /> Additional broadcast equipment is installed at the following locations: <br /> • Dorsett Farm Efland Cedar Grove Road <br />