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1 <br /> ORANGE COUNTY <br /> NORTH CAROLINA <br /> Asset Management Services <br /> Angel Barnes, Capital Projects Manager <br /> Memo to: Orange County, Board of County Commissioners <br /> From: Angel Barnes, Capital Projects Manager <br /> CC: Steven Arndt, Director, Asset Management Services <br /> Date: January 21, 2019 <br /> RE: Richard E. Whitted Front Entry Accessibility Ramp and Steps <br /> The Board of Orange County Commissioners appropriated funding the renovation to the Richard E. Whitted <br /> front entry accessibility ramp and steps as a part of the FY2019-20 Capital Investment Plan. This memo serves <br /> as an update for this project along with schedule and renderings. <br /> Richard E. Whitted Front Entry Accessibility Ramp and Steps Renovation (FY2019-20 CIP page 357) this <br /> project is currently being designed by CRA Associates. Orange County staff and CRA Associates plan to <br /> submit this design to the Town of Hillsborough for review and permit approval in January, 2020. The planning <br /> meeting with the Town of Hillsborough is scheduled for February 20, 2020. <br /> The current schedule is outlined below: <br /> Town Submittal, Review and approval: January—April, 2020 <br /> Owner Review and Comments: March, 2020 <br /> Hillsborough HDC /Town Board March — May, 2020 <br /> Construction Document Package May, 2020 <br /> Advertise / Bid Opening May— June, 2020 <br /> Contract Award / Notice to Proceed June, 2020 <br /> Begin Construction July, 2020 <br /> Construction Complete October, 2020 <br /> P.O. Box 8181 * 131 West Margaret Lane, 3rd Floor* Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278 <br /> Telephone: 919 245-2628 <br /> Fax: 919-644-3001 <br /> E-mail : <br />