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3. Announcements, Petitions and Comments by Board Members (Three Minute Limit Per <br /> Commissioner) <br /> 4. Proclamations/Resolutions/ Special Presentations <br /> 5. Public Hearings <br /> a. Public Hearing on Refinancing Existing Bond Obligations <br /> 6. Regular Agenda <br /> a. Refund Request from John C. and Judith K. Guibert, Lake Orange Property <br /> 7. Reports <br /> 8. Consent Agenda <br /> • Removal of Any Items from Consent Agenda <br /> • Approval of Remaining Consent Agenda <br /> • Discussion and Approval of the Items Removed from the Consent Agenda <br /> a. Minutes—None <br /> b. Refund of Overpayment of Excise Tax <br /> c. FY 2019-20 Home and Community Care Block Grant for Older Adults Funding Plan <br /> d. Amendments to North Chatham Fire Protection and Emergency Services Agreement <br /> e. Link Building Remediation Project—Rejection of Bids <br /> 9. County Manager's Report <br /> 10. County Attorney's Report <br /> 11. *Appointments <br /> a. Advisory Board on Aging—Appointment <br /> b. Affordable Housing Advisory Board—Appointments <br /> c. Arts Commission—Appointments and Term Extension <br /> d. Board of Health—Appointment <br /> e. Chapel Hill Orange County Visitors Bureau—Appointments <br /> £ Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee—Appointment <br /> g. Orange County Parks and Recreation Council—Appointment <br /> h. Orange County Planning Board—Appointment <br /> 12. Information Items <br /> 0 September 3, 2019 BOCC Meeting Follow-up Actions List <br />