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DocuSign Envelope ID: 3AD36C66- 5658 - 4281- 93DF- B77A9B2D44C6 <br />[Departmental Use Only] <br />TITLE Shelton J. Haynes <br />FY 2018 -2019 <br />NORTH CAROLINA <br />CONSULTING SERVICES AGREEMENT <br />UNDER $90,000 <br />ORANGE COUNTY <br />This Agreement, made and entered into this 2Wh day of July, 2018, ( "Effective Date ") by <br />and between Orange County, North Carolina a body politic and corporate of the State of North <br />Carolina (hereinafter, the "County ") and Shelton J. Haynes, (hereinafter, the "Consultant "). <br />WITNESSETH: <br />That the County and Consultant, for the consideration herein named, do hereby agree as <br />follows: <br />ARTICLE 1 SCOPE OF WORK <br />1.1 Scope of Work <br />1.1.1 This Services Agreement ( "Agreement ") is for professional consulting services to <br />be rendered by Consultant to County with respect to (insert type of project) Orange County <br />Housing Authority Financial Assessment. <br />1.1.2 By executing this Agreement, the Consultant represents and agrees that Consultant <br />is qualified to perform and fully capable of performing and providing the services required or <br />necessary under this Agreement in a fully competent, professional and timely manner. <br />1.1.3 Time is of the essence with respect to this Agreement. <br />1.1.4 The services to be performed under this Agreement consist of Basic Services, as <br />described and designated in Article 3 hereof. Compensation to the Consultant for Basic Services <br />under this Agreement shall be as set forth herein. <br />ARTICLE 2 RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CONSULTANT <br />2.1 Services to be Provided. The Consultant shall provide the County with all services <br />required in Article 3 to satisfactorily complete the Project within the time limitations set forth <br />herein and in accordance with the highest professional standards. <br />2.2. Standard of Care <br />2.2.1 The Consultant shall exercise reasonable care and diligence in performing services <br />under this Agreement in accordance with the highest generally accepted standards of this type of <br />Consultant practice throughout the United States and in accordance with applicable federal, state <br />and local laws and regulations applicable to the performance of these services. Consultant is <br />solely responsible for the professional quality, accuracy and timely completion and submission <br />Revised 10/17 <br />