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K <br />There is approximately 2,800 feet of Interstate frontage for property <br />located within District 1 and 3,082 feet for property located within <br />District 2. The MTC buffer in District 1 shall remain undisturbed. <br />With respect to District 2, the applicant is proposing the following: <br />1. Reduce the width of the MTC from 100 feet to 50 feet in width, <br />specifically beginning at the intersection of Old NC Highway <br />86 with the Interstate 40 on -ramp, extending approximately <br />2,000 feet east. This will allow for development of necessary <br />utility infrastructure, internal roadways, parking areas, <br />stormwater features, etc. in support of the project. <br />STAFF COMMENT: The total area encumbered by the <br />MTC Buffer in District 2 is 308,200 square feet (3,082 <br />feet of linear frontage along Interstate 40 multiplied by <br />the standard MTC Buffer width of 100 feet). <br />Approximately 154,100 square feet of MTC Buffer <br />could be `cleared' per Section 6.6.4 (A) of the LIDO (i.e. <br />50% of the buffer). <br />The applicant is proposing to reduce the MTC Buffer <br />from 100 feet to 50 feet for approximately 2,000 linear <br />feet, reducing the required buffer by 100,000 square <br />feet (2,000 feet of linear frontage along Interstate 40 <br />multiplied by the 50 feet MTC Buffer reduction). <br />Further clearing, as discussed herein, is proposed <br />within said areas to be re- vegetated. <br />2. The remaining 1,082 linear feet of Interstate frontage will have <br />an MTC Buffer width of 100 feet <br />STAFF COMMENT. This area includes property <br />encumbered by an existing 150 feet wide utility <br />easement (i.e. overhead power lines). Foliage within <br />this easement has already been eliminated. <br />3. Within the 2,000 linear feet of reduced MTC Buffer area, the <br />applicant is proposing to create 1,100 linear feet of visual <br />breaks for the project. These areas would be re- landscaped <br />with `low - growth landscaping' to a width of 50 feet including <br />shrubs achieving a height of 4 to 6 feet and canopy trees <br />achieving a height of no more than 12 feet. <br />4. The applicant indicated during the December 18, 2017 <br />Planning Board meeting that a 100 foot wide land use buffer <br />shall be maintained along the southern boundary of District 2, <br />exclusive of the utility easement, to provide additional noise <br />and visual buffer(s) for the project. <br />Discussion of this condition occurred at both the December 18, 2017 <br />and January 10, 2018 Planning Board meetings resulting in the <br />following recommendation: <br />