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P <br />BACKGROUND: As the BOCC is already aware, a request has been submitted from Old NC 86 <br />Partners LLC to rezone approximately 195 acres of property: <br />From: Economic Development Hillsborough Limited Office (EDH -2); Economic Development <br />Hillsborough Office /Retail (EDH -4); Economic Development Hillsborough Research <br />and Manufacturing (EDH -5); Rural Residential (R -1); Major Transportation Corridor <br />(MTC) Overlay District. <br />To: Master Plan Development Conditional Zoning (MPD -CZ) Settlers Point; Major <br />Transportation Corridor (MTC) Overlay District. <br />for the purpose of developing Settlers Point. During the Quarterly Public Hearing, the following <br />items were referred back to the Planning Board for additional discussion: <br />1. Conditions: <br />a. CONDITION 13 — LAND USES — BOCC members asked the Planning Board to <br />review the proposed land uses within the project and determine if they were <br />acceptable. <br />STAFF COMMENT: At its December 18, 2017 and January 10, <br />2018 regular meetings, the Planning Board reiterated support for the <br />proposed land uses indicating the applicant had proposed uses <br />consistent with the provisions of Section 5.2.3 of the UDO as well as <br />pending revisions as proposed by staff as part of the table of <br />permitted use project. <br />Staff's response to the proposed land uses within Settlers Point is <br />contained within Attachment 3. <br />Minutes from the December 18, 2017 Planning Board meetings is <br />contained within Attachment 4. A synopsis of comments from the <br />January 10, 2018 Planning Board meeting is contained in <br />Attachment 5. <br />b. CONDITION 6 — The applicant objected to granting approval /denial authority to <br />the Orange Rural Volunteer Fire Department and suggested modification of the <br />recommended condition to allow review of development proposals while <br />maintaining approval authority with the County and Town Fire Marshal. <br />STAFF COMMENT: At its December 18, 2017 regular meeting, the <br />Board voted unanimously to approve the revised condition as <br />suggested by the applicant. The Orange Rural Volunteer Fire <br />Department will offer review comment(s) on all site plans but will not <br />have approval authority. <br />For more information please refer to Attachment 11. <br />c. CONDITION 13 (h) (vi) Major Transportation Corridor (MTC) BUFFER — the <br />BOCC expressed concern over the proposed clearing of the MTC buffer and <br />indicated their preference to restrict clearing to what is currently allowed within <br />Section 6.6.4 (A) of the UDO (i.e. clearing only 50% of the MTC Buffer). <br />STAFF COMMENT: The applicant supplied the requested <br />schematic (Attachment 7) providing additional detail on the <br />requested clearing. <br />