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ORANGE COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br />Meeting Date: January 23, 2018 <br />Action Agenda <br />Item No. 5 -a <br />SUBJECT: Zoning Atlas Amendment: Conditional Zoning — Master Plan Development <br />Conditional Zoning District (MPD -CZ) Settlers Point <br />DEPARTMENT: Planning and Inspections <br />ATTACHMENTS: <br />INFORMATION CONTACT: <br />1 <br />1. Excerpt of Approved October 4, 2017 Craig Benedict, Director, (919) 245 -2575 <br />Planning Board Minutes Michael D. Harvey, Planner III, (919) 245- <br />2. Excerpt of Approved November 14, 2017 2597 <br />BOCC Quarterly Public Hearing Minutes <br />3. Summary of Comments from Public <br />Hearing <br />4. Excerpt of Approved December 18, 2017 <br />Planning Board Minutes <br />5. Summary of Comments from the January <br />10, 2018 Planning Board Meeting <br />6. Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) <br />Addendum with Roadmap(s) <br />7. Applicant Responses and Additional <br />Documentation <br />8. Staff Comments Since November 14, <br />2017 Quarterly Public Hearing <br />9. Planning Board Approved Statement of <br />Consistency <br />10. Statement of Consistency <br />11. An Ordinance Amending the Orange <br />County Zoning Atlas with Condition(s) of <br />Approval <br />PURPOSE: To continue review, and receive additional comments on, the Settlers Point Master <br />Plan Development — Conditional Zoning (MPD -CZ) application. <br />This item was heard at the November 14, 2017 Quarterly Public Hearing and was referred back to <br />the Planning Board for additional review /discussion on the possible modification of several <br />conditions. <br />