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ORANGE COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br />Meeting Date: January 23, 2018 <br />SUBJECT: Presentation on ODioids and L <br />DEPARTMENT: Board of Commissioners <br />ATTACHMENT(S): <br />1) North Carolina County Opioid <br />Litigation Overview Memorandum <br />2) Summary of Claims Against Opioid <br />Distributors and Manufacturers <br />3) Edison Hill and Michael Fuller <br />Biographical Information <br />Action Agenda <br />Item No. 4 -b <br />IIssues <br />INFORMATION CONTACT: <br />Donna Baker, 919 - 245 -2130 <br />1 <br />PURPOSE: To receive a presentation from attorneys representing some North Carolina local <br />governments and some local governments across the country regarding litigation against opioid <br />manufacturers and distributors. <br />BACKGROUND: There is a significant amount of information being disseminated to county <br />commissioners, managers, and attorneys on the topic of opioid litigation. The North Carolina <br />Association of County Commissioners ( NCACC) Board of Directors was briefed on this issue <br />and had a robust discussion on the importance of ensuring that county interests are protected in <br />any litigation or potential settlements related to the opioid epidemic. As a result of that <br />discussion, the NCACC organized a November 15, 2017 forum to ensure that county attorneys <br />had access to information on the topic. Attorneys representing some North Carolina local <br />governments and other local governments across the United States will make a presentation on <br />the litigation against opioid manufacturers and distributors. <br />FINANCIAL IMPACT: There is no financial impact associated with receiving the presentation. <br />SOCIAL JUSTICE IMPACT: There are no Orange County Social Justice Goals associating <br />with receiving the presentation. <br />RECOMMENDATION(S): The Manager recommends that the Board receive the presentation <br />and provide direction to staff. <br />