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�i <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE <br />ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL BOARD <br />601 VALLEY FORGE RD <br />HILLSBOROUGH, NORTH CAROLINA 27278 <br />919- 732 -3432 <br />FAX: 919 -732 -5829 <br />ocab c (i4m i ncispring. c om <br />GREGG JARVIES, Chair Board Members <br />KEITH BAGBY, Vice Chair JANE COUSINS <br />TONY DUBOIS, General Manager IAMEZETTA BEDFORD <br />MIKE LASSITER <br />July 1, 2017 <br />Orange County Board of County Commissioners <br />In the current fiscal year a distribution of $500,000 is being made to the Orange County General <br />fund reflecting an increase of 25% over last year. The board also set aside $ 48,333 to contribute to <br />the Board Retiree Health Care Plan. The board funded local Alcohol Law Enforcement agencies <br />$149,300. The board also increased the amount available for community Alcohol Education and <br />Rehabilitation grants for schools and local community organizations to $212,500. The distributions <br />from the board for fiscal year 2017 -18 total $910,133. <br />Alcohol Law Enforcement <br />Amount <br />Hillsborough Police Department <br />$ 7,260 <br />Carrboro Police Department <br />$ 18,000 <br />Chapel Hill Police Department <br />$ 29,040 <br />Orange County Sheriffs Department <br />$ 95,000 <br />Total Alcohol Law Enforcement <br />$ 149,300 <br />Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation <br />$ 30,000 <br />Lutheran Family Services <br />$ 2,000 <br />El Centro Hispano <br />$ 10,000 <br />Mental Health Orange Co Teen Partnership <br />$ 11,500 <br />Carpe Diem <br />$ 13,500 <br />El Futuro <br />$ 18,000 <br />Freedom House Recovery <br />$ 20,000 <br />Chapel Hi1VUNC Collaborative <br />$ 30,000 <br />Orange County Schools <br />$ 30,000 <br />Orange County Drug Court <br />$ 32,500 <br />Chapel Hill - Carrboro city Schools <br />$ 45,000 <br />Total Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation <br />$212,500 <br />Sincerely, n�- <br />Tony DuBois <br />Orange County ABC <br />General Manager <br />919- 732 -3432 ext. 102 <br />ocabc(&, <br />