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MARK DOROSIN, CHAIR <br />PENNYRICH VICE CHAR <br />MIA BURROUGHS <br />BARRYJACOBS <br />MARK MARCOPLOS <br />EARL MCKEE <br />RENEE PRICE <br />January 17, 2018 <br />Dear Commissioners, <br />Orange County Board of Commissioners <br />Post Office Box 8181 <br />200 South Cameron Street <br />Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278 <br />\6 ´┐Żav <br />At the Board's December 12, 2017 regular meeting, Board petitions were brought forth which were <br />reviewed by the ChairNice Chair /Manager Agenda team. The petitions and responses are listed below: <br />1) Review and consider request by Commissioner Dorosin that staff schedule an item for Board <br />discussion at the January 23, 2018 meeting on the Mountains to Sea Trail based on comments <br />provided by residents under Public Comments. <br />Response: DONE - Item scheduled for 1/23/18 BOCC meeting. <br />2) Review and consider request by Commissioner Jacobs that the County consider reinstituting County <br />Government Week/County Government Day activities involving high school students aligning with <br />staff for an entire day. <br />Response: DONE - Staff to move forward with planning. <br />Best regards, <br />Mark Dorosin, Chair <br />Board of County Commissioners <br />