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ORANGE COUNTY <br />NORTH CAROLINA <br />January 23, 2018 <br />To: Board of Orange County Commissioners <br />From: Brennan Bouma, Sustainability Coordinator <br />Theo Letman, Transit Director <br />CC: Bonnie Hammersley <br />Re: Orange County Commuter Options (OCCO) Program and TDM Coordinator Introduction <br />In late October of 2017, Allyson Coltrane became Orange County's first Transportation Demand Management <br />(TDM) Coordinator. In this role, Allyson's full time effort is dedicated to expanding and promoting the ways that <br />Hillsborough commuters and all Orange County staff can travel to work without having to drive by themselves. <br />Allyson has a Master's in Public Administration from NC Central University, with a focus on transportation. <br />Recognizing that solo commuting can be stressful, expensive, and bad for the air, The Board of Orange County <br />Commissioners supported steps to increase commute alternatives more than 10 years ago as part of Orange <br />County's 2005 Environmental Responsibility Goal. In establishing the Orange County Commuter Options (OCCO) <br />Program, Allyson Coltrane will help to fulfill that directive. <br />As part of Orange County Public Transportation department and under the 00 0 <br />supervision of the Orange County Sustainability Coordinator, Allyson has <br />begun promoting the new and existing OCPT bus routes as well as the <br />County's Telework Program carpool ride - matching resources. She has also occo <br />established connections with County communications and planning staff as ORANGE COUNTY <br />well as potential partners in the Town of Hillsborough and Durham Tech. COMMUTER OPTIONS <br />Allyson joins a group of Triangle TDM Coordinators whose positions and programs are all supported at least 50% <br />by grants from the Triangle Transportation Demand Management Program administered by the Triangle J <br />Council of Governments (TJCOG). As a part of this group, she connects Orange County to established regional <br />commuter programs (supporting ca rpool/va n pool, telework, bicycle /pedestrian, flex -time, etc) and helps <br />maximize the benefits of Orange County's investments in transit. <br />Best Regards: <br />rennan B o u m a <br />Sustainability Coordinator <br />P.O. Box 8181 * 200 S. Cameron Street, * Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278 <br />Telephone: 919.732.8181 <br />Fax: 919 - 644 -3001 <br />