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1 <br />PLANNING & INSPECTIONS DEPARTMENT <br />Craig N. Benedict, AICP, Director <br />Administration 131 W. Margaret Lane <br />(919) 245 -2575 Suite 201 <br />(919) 644 -3002 (FAX) ORANGE COUNTY P. O. Box 8181 <br /> NORTH CAROLINA Hillsborough, NC 27278 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Board of County Commissioners <br />FROM: Craig Benedict, Orange County Planning Director <br />Tom Altieri, Comprehensive Planning Supervisor <br />Nishith Trivedi, Orange County Transportation Planner <br />DATE: January 23, 2018 <br />SUBJECT: SPOT 5.0 Local Input Point Process — TARPO and DCHC MPO <br />This memorandum is to inform the Board of County Commissioners of the Triangle Area <br />Rural Planning Organization ( TARPO) Durham - Chapel Hill - Carrboro Metropolitan Planning <br />Organization (DCHC MPO) and Burlington Graham Metropolitan Planning Organization <br />(BG MPO) unique local input point processes for Strategic Transportation Prioritization <br />(SPOT). These processes must first be adopted by their corresponding boards before they <br />are submitted to North Carolina Department of Transportation ( NCDOT) for state approval. <br />State law requires a 21 day public comment period prior to DCHC MPO and TARPO board <br />adoption. <br />In an effort to satisfy the quantitative prioritization portion of the local input point process, <br />TARPO, DCHC MPO and BG MPO have elected to accept NCDOT quantitative scores and <br />project data. Member jurisdiction agencies will accept the raw scores, scheduled for <br />release late March 2018, as determined by NCDOT. However, because the qualitative <br />portion varies between the three agencies, a brief summary describing their unique <br />processes is provided below. <br />TARPO Local Input Point Process <br />Orange County transportation projects will be ranked according to NCDOT scores. Within <br />each county, the top two scoring projects will be allocated 100 points each (Region and <br />Division). Subsequently ranked projects (regardless of County) will also be allocated 100 <br />points each until 1,400 points, for TARPO as permitted by NCDOT, have been distributed. <br />Example: <br />County <br />Quantitative Points <br />Total Score (100) <br />Recommended for 100 Local <br />Project <br />County <br />Rank <br />50) <br />Points <br />Regional <br />Division <br />Regional <br />Division <br />Regional <br />Division <br />ID <br />Points <br />(50) <br />A000001 <br />County <br />50 <br />N/A <br />40.59 <br />N/A <br />90.59 <br />Yes — County <br />8 <br />B#1 <br />8000003 <br />County <br />50 <br />N/A <br />34.14 <br />N/A <br />84.14 <br />Yes — County <br />D <br />D #1 <br />H000001 <br />County <br />50 <br />29.34 <br />32.35 <br />79.34 <br />82.35 <br />Yes — County <br />Yes — County <br />A <br />A #1 <br />A #1 <br />H000002 <br />County <br />45 <br />33.36 <br />33.19 <br />78.36 <br />78.19 <br />Yes — County <br />Yes — County <br />C <br />C #1 <br />C #1 <br />