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1 <br />PLANNING & INSPECTIONS DEPARTMENT <br />Craig N. Benedict, AICP, Director <br />Administration 131 W. Margaret Lane <br />(919) 245 -2575 Suite 201 <br />(919) 644 -3002 (FAX) ORANGE COUNTY P. O. Box 8181 <br /> NORTH CAROLINA Hillsborough, NC 27278 <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Board of County Commissioners <br />FROM: Craig Benedict, Orange County Planning Director <br />Tom Altieri, Comprehensive Planning Supervisor <br />DATE: January 3, 2018 <br />SUBJECT: Information Item - Update on Expansion of Hillsborough Area <br />Economic Development District (EDD) <br />In September 2017, the BOCC approved an Amendment Outline Form authorizing staff to <br />proceed in processing amendments to expand the Hillsborough area EDD through a Joint <br />Land Use Plan amendment and a companion County Comprehensive Plan amendment. <br />These amendments were triggered by the County's request to expand the Hillsborough <br />Primary Service Area, as provided by the Water and Sewer Management, Planning, and <br />Boundary Agreement ( WASMPBA). However, the amendments to expand the EDD were <br />postponed due to the Town's delay in taking action on the WASMPBA amendment in order <br />for it to gain a better understanding of the desired future land uses for the area and to learn <br />more about the Settlers Point development application. <br />Since September, Town and County Planning staff met to coordinate their <br />recommendations to amend the Joint Land Use Plan and identify the most appropriate <br />future land use classification to suggest going forward. In addition, the Settlers Point <br />application was amended by the developer to remove the area known as "District 3" from <br />its rezoning request and current development plans. As a result, the Town Board approved <br />the WASMPBA amendment in October 2017. Because of language included in the <br />approval resolutions, the WASMPBA amendment is to become effective when the joint land <br />use plan is amended to reflect the expanded Urban Service Area and assign a future land <br />use classification. <br />At its December 2017 meeting, the Town Planning Board authorized its staff to send the <br />Town of Hillsborough /Orange County Central Orange Coordinated Area (COCA) Land Use <br />Plan (a.k.a. Joint Land Use Plan) amendment to its January 2018 public hearing. Orange <br />County Comprehensive Planning Staff attended the meeting. The Town Planning Board <br />agreed with Town and County staff that the application of the "Suburban Office Complex" <br />future land use classification was the most appropriate land use to propose at public <br />hearing and would be suggested for application to the entire expanded Urban Service Area. <br />Subsequently, Orange County's actions to amend the Joint Land Use Plan and its <br />Comprehensive Plan will run concurrently to be processed as follows: <br />February 7, 2018 Orange County Planning Board Recommendation <br />March 8, 2018 Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing <br />