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DRAFT Date Prepared: 12/15/17 <br />Date Revised: 01/12/17 <br />BOCC Meeting Follow -up Actions <br />(Individuals with a * by their name are the lead facilitators for the group of individuals responsible for an item) <br />Meeting <br />Task <br />Target <br />Person(s) <br />Status <br />Date <br />Date <br />Responsible <br />12/12/17 <br />Review and consider request by Commissioner Dorosin that <br />1/23/2018 <br />Chair /Vice <br />DONE <br />staff schedule an item for Board discussion at the January <br />Chair/Manager <br />Item scheduled for 1/23/18 <br />23, 2018 meeting on the Mountains to Sea Trail based on <br />David Stancil <br />BOCC meeting <br />comments provided by residents under Public Comments <br />12/12/17 <br />Review and consider request by Commissioner Jacobs that <br />2/1/2018 <br />Chair /Vice <br />DONE <br />the County consider reinstituting County Government <br />Chair /Manager <br />Staff to move forward with <br />Week/County Government Day activities involving high <br />Todd McGee <br />planning <br />school students aligning with staff for an entire day <br />12/12/17 <br />Provide follow -up information to the Board on the ABC <br />1/23/2018 <br />Gary Donaldson <br />DONE <br />Board's financial audit, including practice to rotate auditors <br />County Staff has asked ABC <br />staff to provide follow -up <br />information at 1/23/18 BOCC <br />meeting <br />12/12/17 <br />Provide update to Board on number of disability accessible <br />2/28/2018 <br />Sherrill Hampton <br />Staff to provide update to the <br />units at Greenbridge and East 54 residential communities <br />Board <br />12/12/17 <br />Provide Board with attendance /use numbers for Orange <br />3/31/2018 <br />David Stancil <br />Numbers to be provided <br />County park facilities <br />12/12/17 <br />Develop press release to inform public about Lands Legacy <br />1/23/2018 <br />Todd McGee <br />DONE <br />program, funds, and projects facilities provided <br />David Stancil <br />I I <br />12/12/17 <br />As part of efforts to forecast student population <br />2/1/2018 <br />Craig Benedict <br />Staff to work with schools and <br />numbers /growth and associated impacts, contact charter <br />Ashley Moncado <br />charter schools to develop <br />schools in an effort to compile student growth projection <br />Gary Donaldson <br />projections <br />figures <br />