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ORANGE COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />ACTION AGENDA ITEM ABSTRACT <br />Meeting Date: January 23, 2018 <br />SUBJECT: Agricultural Preservation Board - Appointment <br />DEPARTMENT: Board of Commissioners <br />ATTACHMENT(S): <br />Membership Roster <br />Recommendation <br />Application for Person Recommended <br />Applicant Interest List <br />Application of Person on the Interest List <br />1 <br />Action Agenda <br />Item No. 11 -b <br />INFORMATION CONTACT: <br />Clerk Office, 919 - 245 -2130 <br />PURPOSE: To consider making an appointment to the Agricultural Preservation Board. <br />BACKGROUND: The following information is for Board consideration: <br />• Appointment to a first full term (Position #7) "White Cross Volunteer Ag. Dist." <br />representative for Portia McKnight expiring 09/30/2020. <br />POSITION <br />NAME <br />SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE <br />EXPIRATION DATE <br />NO. <br />7 <br />Portia McKnight <br />White Cross Volunteer Ag. <br />09/30/2020 <br />Dist. <br />NOTE - If the individuals listed above are appointed, the following vacancies remain: <br />• None <br />FINANCIAL IMPACT: None <br />SOCIAL JUSTICE IMPACT: Enable Full Civic Participation. Ensure that Orange County <br />residents are able to engage government through voting and volunteering by eliminating <br />disparities in participation and barriers to participation. <br />RECOMMENDATION(S): The Manager recommends that the Board consider making an <br />appointment to the Agricultural Preservation Board. <br />