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/2£ S - zoo z. - ~o a /.2--to -/2 <br />A RESOLUTION REPORTING THE RECOMMENDED CONCEPT PLAN FOR THE ~~ <br />PORTION OF THE GREENE TRACT THAT REMAINS IN JOINT OWNERSHIP <br />WHEREAS, Orange County and the Towns of Carrboro and Chapel Hill acquired the property known as <br />the Greene Tract in 1984 as an asset of the joint solid waste management system; and <br />WHEREAS, title to 60 acres of this property was deeded exclusively to Orange County in 2000 under <br />provisions of the 1999 interlocal "Agreement for Solid Waste Management"; and <br />WHEREAS, under the same interlocal agreement the County and Towns agreed to bargain in good faith <br />during the finro-year period following the effective date of the agreement to determine the ultimate use of <br />disposition of the balance of the acreage on the Greene Tract; and <br />WHEREAS, the end date of the "bargaining period" as defined in the agreement was April 17, 2002, the <br />second anniversary of the date upon which the County assumed overall responsibility for solid waste <br />management in Orange County; and <br />WHEREAS, the Greene Tract Work Group considered direction from the respective governing boards, <br />comments from interested citizens and organizations, and information developed by staff in response to <br />Work Group inquiries in developing a recommended concept plan for the balance of the Greene Tract; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the Work Group reported to all three governing boards in a resolution dated March 21, 2002 <br />that it had reached substantial agreement on a concept plan providing for approximately 78 acres to be <br />earmarked for open space protected by conservation easements and approximately 15 acres to be <br />earmarked for affordable housing but had not yet reached agreement regarding what designation should <br />be placed on the remaining 11 acres; and <br />WHEREAS, the Work Group had recommended in that March 21, 2002 resolution that the following <br />additional steps be taken: <br />- The area shown on the concept plan as open space should be protected by executing a <br />conservation easement befinreen appropriate parties <br />- The Board of County Commissioners should consider protecting its 60-acre portion of the <br />Greene Tract by executing a conservation easement with an appropriate party <br />- The Chapel Hill Town Council should consider initiating a small area planning process to <br />examine desirable land uses for the Purefoy Road area <br />- The property should be renamed in a manner that recognizes the significances of this area as <br />the headwaters for three important streams (Bolin Creek, Old Field Creek, and Booker Creek) <br />- The governing boards should take note of the public investment already made in the general <br />vicinity of the Greene Tract, as cataloged in an accompanying table; and <br />WHEREAS, the governing board of all three jurisdictions approved resolutions extending the bargaining <br />period beyond April 17, 2002 in order to allow the Greene Tract Work Group additional time to try to <br />reach consensus on the basic uses to be established for the approximately 11 acres at that time <br />unresolved; and <br />WHEREAS, the Work Group received a technical report form the County Engineer outlining the basic <br />alternatives available and approximate costs for providing sewer service to a portion of the Greene <br />Tract, which service would be necessary for the economical and practical provision of affordable <br />housing; and <br />WHEREAS, the Work Group concluded by consensus that "the carrying capacity of the land" should by <br />the determining factor in establishing how much of the unresolved 11 acres should be earmarked for <br />specific purposes, and that the ridge line reflected on the accompanying concept map determines the <br />