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APPROVED 2124/2003 MINUTES <br />ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />DECEMBER 10, 2002 <br />5:30 p.m. <br />The Orange County Board of Commissioners met on December 10, 2002 at 5:30 p.m. in the Southern <br />Human Services Center Board Room in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. <br />COUNTY COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Chair Margaret W. Brown and Commissioners Moses <br />Carey, Jr., Alice M. Gordon, Stephen Halkiotis and Barry Jacobs <br />COUNTY ATTORNEY PRESENT: Geoffrey Gledhill and S. Sean Borhanian <br />COUNTY STAFF PRESENT: County Manager John M. Link, Jr., Assistant County Managers Rod <br />Visser and Gwen Harvey and Clerk to the Board Donna S. Baker {All other staff members will be <br />identified appropriately below) <br />NOTE: ALL DOCUMENTS REFERRED TO IN THESE MINUTES ARE IN THE PERMANENT <br />AGENDA FILE IN THE CLERK'S OFFICE. <br />Carry-over Item from Previous Meetings <br />1. Justice Facilities Expansion and Other County Space Needs <br />The Board continued its discussion on the County's space needs as cited in the Space Needs Task <br />Force report with a primary focus on justice facilities expansion and issues associated with the proposed <br />Government Services Center expansion. <br />Purchasing and Central Services Director Pam Jones made a PowerPoint presentation. This <br />presentation focused on the justice facilities and the Government Services project. The total build out far <br />justice facilities would be 48,000-54,000 square feet. This is phase one and two of justice facilities. One <br />of the assumptions is that the existing Sheriff's office would be left intact. There will be alternatives far <br />the departments that were previously included in the Government Services Center and Annex expansion. <br />These include the Planning Department, Environmental Health, and ERCD. The last assumption is that <br />the farmer's market space would be part of the justice facility planning. <br />The Board approved a planning process for justice facilities in September 2001. However, due to <br />the State budget crisis, the process has been delayed. The planning committees will be appointed in <br />January 2003 and are as follows: architect and engineer selection, working with the outside of the <br />buildings and the historic district, and design of the inside of the buildings. By June of 2003, the hope is <br />that the architect would be selected far a recommendation to the Board before summer break. By fall of <br />2004, the design should be completed and the regulatory approvals obtained. Construction could begin <br />in the spring of 2005. <br />There are still a number of questions to be answered before moving forward with the justice <br />facilities. The first question is the size of the addition. The plan is now three phases of 27,000 square <br />feet each. Each one of the phases would include 8,000 square feet of underground secured parking. <br />The second question as a result of the changes is, when the staff decided to keep the Sheriff's office <br />intact, it raises the question of what to do with the existing Sheriff's office. The courthouse will probably <br />only handle two phases before the parking runs out, so this raises a question about haw to maximize the <br />space that is to be built as well as the existing space. The Sheriff needs about 10,000 square feet of the <br />new building. One option is to relocate part of the Sheriff's staff to the courthouse (i.e., Domestic <br />Violence and the Civil Process officers). The last question is what should actually be in the phase one <br />addition. <br />The staff would like the Board to look at the preference of the size of the addition (24,000 or 27,000 <br />square feet). The staff would also like to hear the Board's preference an the Sheriff's Department space. <br />Also, they would like to reconvene the court officials for a revisit of the space and how this can best be <br />used. Also, two County Commissioners need to be appointed to sit an this group. <br />Pam Jones opened the floor for any discussion on the justice facilities. <br />